Traditional Methods

Allowing timber to dry naturally is a common practice in the lumber industry, as it helps to reduce the moisture content of the wood and make it more stable for use in construction and woodworking projects. When timber is harvested, it typically contains a lot of moisture, which can cause it to shrink, warp, and crack over time. Allowing the wood to dry naturally helps to eliminate this excess moisture and makes the wood more workable.

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Once the timber has been allowed to dry, it can be cut using traditional methods such as sawing, planing, and sanding. Careful cutting is important to ensure that the wood is cut to the correct dimensions and that the grain is preserved as much as possible. Proper cutting techniques can help to prevent the wood from splitting or cracking, which can weaken its structural integrity.

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Overall, allowing timber to dry naturally and then cutting it with care is an important part of the lumber industry and woodworking process. It helps to produce high-quality wood products that are durable and long-lasting